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Over the months we have written many different types of blogs from historical facts to household tips, from gardening recycling to information and news but today we thought we would focus on some of the less mentioned benefits of shutters which if you own pets you may find interesting.

If you are a pet owner have you ever considered how having shutters could make your life easier?

The answer is very simple – No More Pet Hair!

As much as we love our adorable pets, pet hair can be the bane of our lives especially at certain times of the year when the moulting seasons are in full swing. Removing pet hair from material is a thankless job and one which is not particularly easy either. If your pet has a favourite place to watch out of the window which happens to involve brushing against or laying on your curtains you will no doubt be facing the hairy curtain problem.

Taking your curtains down and washing them takes time and of course drying them can be difficult if the weather has taken a turn for the worse. Lint rollers such as those from Pets At Home can help remove some of the hair but as soon as you turn your back your furry friend will have made their mark once again and you’ll be back to square one.

If you have an allergy sufferer in your home you will also know how difficult life can be with trying to keep your home hair free.

cat looking our of a window shutters

Shutters can really help reduce your workload by reducing the amount of hair you have to clean up. The Allergy UK website offers some great information to help allergy sufferers.

As well as reducing the build-up of hair, plantation shutters can’t be used as a play thing and get ruined! If you have ever had kittens you will know what I mean. Kittens love to climb on anything they can get their claws into. A very fond childhood memory I have is of finding my kitten hiding at the top of a curtain track ready to pounce on me when I opened my curtains. My parents were not particularly pleased with the holes made by my playful kitten’s claws!

Kittens are full of mischief and can be a great source of amusement and entertainment, especially when they have their mad five minutes but if your window coverings are bearing the brunt of the mayhem you may not be too pleased. Shutters of course can be used for great hide and seek games but they certainly won’t be used as climbing frames or used as cloaks to hide in. Your shutters will stand strong against any advancement of crazy kitten antics.

Have a look at our shutters page to find out more about the different shapes, styles and colours we have available. We’re pretty certain you’ll find something to match your home that’s kitten and pet friendly as well!

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