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From recycling to picnics and vegetable gardening to construction nightmares, there seems to be an endless list of fascinating topics and subjects we can discuss on our blog.

But every now and again we love to remind everyone about how wonderful shutters are and why they are such a great addition to anyone’s home. You can choose from solid shutters or plantation shutters and even select the shape and style to exactly match your window design. And to tempt you even more, we have also extended our fantastic offer on white and cream shutters until the end of August 2014.

Here are just a few of the benefits of why window shutters will work wonders in your home and give your rooms a fresh look and feel.


Heat & Ventilation

Shutters allow you to control the amount of heat and light that enter your room. With the recent spell of warm weather we have had, shutters will keep rooms cool and ventilated giving you a cool space to relax in and have a break from the summer sun.


Privacy & Security

Woman opening window shutters

Not only can you block out the sun but you can also block out prying eyes. Shutters are a great burglary deterrent as well, as passers-by and would be intruders will find it impossible to see if you are at home or not.


Shape and Style

Window shutters come in either plantation or solid shutter styles and can also be designed to suit the shape of your window. There are also a range of colours available to match your interior design.


Investment & Curb Appeal

By adding shutters to your home you will be investing in your property and will instantly transform the aesthetics of your home. Shutters are a long lasting addition to any home which you will enjoy the benefits of, for many years to come. 

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