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Low Maintenance Front Garden Tips

Keeping your home and garden tidy isn’t always easy to do especially when we are increasingly leading busy lives. From dropping children off here, there and everywhere, to running our own businesses and looking after elderly parents, finding time to relax and potter in the garden and home can be difficult.

If you’ve let your front garden become over grown and unloved it may be time to give it an overhaul especially if you’re planning on moving home.


Firstly, we would always recommend installing plantation or solid shutters to your windows. They’re timeless, classic and exude elegance. An absolute winner in lifting the look of your property.

Secondly you need to focus on the space you have at the front of your home and what you can do with it. Turning it into an appealing and above all low maintenance space is absolutely key. After all a front garden is all about show and curb appeal, not for parties and relaxing on your sun lounger!

Here are our 3 top tips to create a low maintenance garden that you can enjoy without having to work hard to reap the benefits.

Layout and Structure

Designing a front garden should focus on leading people to the place you would like them to go i.e. the front door, back door or maybe a side gate. If you have a front door, make sure your path leads them to it. Also, if you are directing your guests along a specific route then why not highlight the end destination with big pots or put up some hanging baskets. Make sure you take into account the design and shape of the building. Plant tall plants in-between windows and smaller shrubs underneath the windows so that they don’t grow over the windows and take light away from the rooms. You can use this theme of height to reflect the shape of your building throughout your design.

Plants and Shrubs

Without doubt getting your plant choice right will help you create the effect you desire and ensure your front garden is a wonderful display of colour throughout the year. Consider buying evergreens like box or yew, hebes or sarcococcas but make sure you chose the right size for your garden. Climbing plants of the right type are also a great idea especially if your property is not all that pretty! Supporting climbers are the best variety such as clematis, roses and wisteria. Unlike ivy and hydrangeas, they do not have suckers which can ruin your guttering, brickwork and windows! Choosing climbers that flower at different times of the year can really help bring vibrancy to your garden from early spring through to late autumn.



As mentioned above, making sure you have colour throughout the year will help your garden stay colourful no matter what the season – a definite bonus if you need to sell during the winter months! As well as planting evergreens you can also try plants which are red, such as Japanese Andromeda or Photinia. Pots and tubs are a great way to embrace the seasons and are easy to maintain. If you’re new to planting tubs, visit your local garden centre like Hillier. The experts on hand will be able to help you choose and select the right type of plants for your front garden i.e. is it in the shade or does it have full sun all day. There are many plants you can choose from such as viola’s and snowdrops for winter brightness, tulips and daffodils for some spring sunshine and geraniums, petunias, fuchsias and lobelia for all round summer colour.

If you need further help or advice for remodelling your front garden head over to the RHS website where they have lots of information to help you create the perfect front garden.

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