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One of the funny little pleasures of working at Purely Window Shutters is that friends, family and customers often send us holiday snaps of interesting places with beautiful shutters, or shutters used in interesting ways.  This week we thought it might be fun to do a “show and tell” the fabulous pictures we have been sent in the past few months.

From Malaysia with Love

A client went on holiday to Malaysia last month. While she was sipping cocktails at a local beach bar, she looked up and saw this magnificent roof decoration.  It is a truly astonishing jigsaw which not only celebrates shutters but also a wonderful example of brilliant recycling.

From the American Deep South

Arguably this is the home of the plantation shutter as many people associate the traditional plantation shutters with the old sugar and cotton plantations and their huge, grandiose mansions in the American Deep South. Although plantation shutters did gain their popularity during this time, shutters, in general, date back to ancient Greece. Regardless of the true history, we were delighted to receive this wonderful picture.

Speaking of Greece….

Last year one of the team was on holiday in Greece and could not resist snapping this stunning picture from the true home of shutters. Just looking at that wonderful house with its solid shutters and sun terrace make me feel in the mood for a glass of chilled wine in the evening with a group of friends.

Technicoloured Dream

This picture needs not explanation.  I wish we were brave enough in the UK to use such bright, primary colours on our window dressings, however, if you live in the Mediterranean sunshine I imagine this feels more natural to add bursts of colour to your homes, outside and in. None the less, we do love the vibrant look of this house.

From Beachside Resorts to Alpine Delights.

These sweet shutters came from a couple who went on a hiking holiday to Austria. Although they are designed as much for decoration as security or privacy, we still find them delightful.

The Raj

You may have to look quite closely to see the solid and plantation shutters in this picture, but every window has them.  It is of the Chandra Mahal Palace in Jaipur, India. Everyone who goes to India comes home mentioning the sights, the sounds and the colours and this picture is a feast for the senses.

Little India – Singapore

Speaking of the colours of India, there is a huge Indian population in Singapore, in a district called Little India. As you can see from this wonderful picture, they have taken all the colour and vibrancy from their home nation and created a magical cornacopia of excitement. I can absolutely appreciate why a lovely client from just outside Birmingham sent us this stunning picture.

As Purely Window Shutters we really do appreciate all your wonderful comments and snapshots from around the world, please do keep them coming. If these pictures have inspired you to look at adding a bit of shutters glamour to your home, please do call us. We would be delighted to hear from you.

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