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Summer Flower Life-Savers

flowers in vase

It is that time of year when the gardens are in full bloom and we suddenly feel brave enough to pick a few, after all a splash of fresh colour against beautiful window shutters is an absolute picture! The problem is how do we display them?  Some people have a natural flair, they merrily pick up a block of green oasis flower arranging foam and create something magical.  Alas I am not one of them.

However I have happened upon this great YouTube clip which has been a total life saver.  In fact, it is so easy and it makes a few blooms look as if you have denuded the garden, so I am delighted to share my relatively newfound knowledge with you all.

Tip 1 – Use sellotape on your vase:

Tip 2: Bleach the vase!

When we buy flowers from a shop, they usually come with little packets of liquid, which it promises will make them last longer. Do you know what, if you use 3 drops of plain, old fashioned bleach in the water of your vase it will do exactly the same thing.   Not only does it make the flowers last longer, but it also keeps the vase clean so it is a win-win.

Tip 3: Gerbera Wire.

One of my favourite flowers are Gerberas and believe it or not there is actually a Gerbera Association! They are happy as a daisy and bright as a smile but they do droop horribly within a few days. So I am going to give you a little tip. Simply take a piece of basic gardening wire, the stuff you use to tie your roses onto a frame, and then gently wrap the stems. It holds them all in place for a lot longer so that you can enjoy your burst of summer in a vase for a bit longer.

Tip 4: Less is more!

We all have this problem, especially with shop bought bouquets. There are about 5 flowers which look lovely and the rest is a load of green foliage which seems to be there to pad out the packaging. There is no reason to use it all in one vase. Having a couple of well-chosen flowers, with a single sprig of greenery in a simple narrow necked vase can look a lot more stylish than huge, over stuffed bunches.

Tip 5: Crush woody stem.

For woody stemmed flowers, like roses and hydrangeas, always crush the very ends of the stems after trimming. This allows them to suck up a bit more water.  Flowering plans with woody stems are a lot thirstier than you might imagine, so giving them a bit more surface area from which to suck up the water with prevent them from dropping their petals too soon.

orange flowers

Tip 6: Change the water and trim the stems.

I know that we are all a bit lazy at times.  However, you will notice that one day your flowers look delightful in their vase but the next day they are wilting. Simply changing the water and snipping an inch off the bottoms will give them just a tiny boost to make them last an extra few days.

I do hope you have enjoyed these tips and will find them handy, of course if you have great advice you can share, please do let us know.

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