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Tall Poppies

girl holding flowers

photo credit: kels photo images via photopin cc

The first hints of summer sun have finally arrived and wild flowers abound every hedgerow and river bank. As a child, I would wander down a country lane and pick a handful and put them in a jam-jar for my mother.

Remembering this simple act from the halcyon days of my childhood made me pause to think. Do children still do this for their parents, and is it even legal these days?

In answer to the first question, of course they do. However, is it legal? Actually, yes it is! Plantlife have some brilliant information and say that the plants have to be truly wild and be for your personal use and not for sale.  So you cannot pick flowers in council parks or those planted in roundabouts and village displays, although I am sure the long arm of the law would not mind you making daisy chains in the local park.

lady's slipper orchid

photo credit: J.G. in S.F. via photopin cc

There are a few rare or endangered plants – mainly wild orchids, like the lady’s slipper orchid (shown), which are protected under the 1981 Wildlife and Countryside Act, so picking these is against the law (although, being rare and endangered, you’re unlikely to stumble across them by accident!)

Which brings me back to what to do with these little joys provided by Mother Nature? By their very nature, many wild flowers have fairly short stalks, especially if children have picked them.  In my humble opinion, the best solution is still recycling small jam jars, herb jars, or mustard pots.  They are the perfect size and can sit neatly on even the narrowest of window sills.

However, I have a very creative friend who uses test tubes and gardening wire. She simply, wraps wire around the top of a tube and dangles 2 or 3 test tubes at various heights from picture hooks around her house.  When I went around for coffee last week, she’d tied a few test tubes to her window shutters in her conservatory. The effect is simple yet stunning.

flowers in jam jar

photo credit: jacquelinetinney via photopin cc

As the bluebell season comes to an end, I feel a flurry of anticipation. The hedgerows and river banks will soon be a cornacopia of blooms of every colour and shade, including my favourite, the humble, yet elegant poppy. Her bright petals of orange, red, yellow or white will look perfect in the test tube vases which I will soon be dangling from my plantation shutters, thanks to the wonderful creativity of my imaginative friend.

At Purely Shutters, our window shutters come in 7 different shades of whites and creams and 17 natural wood tones.  Perfect for letting the summer’s rays flood your living space without compromising your privacy, or dangling wild flowers in test tubes from!

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