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strawberry plant

By now, when you look outside your window shutters you will hopefully start to see the rewards of all your hard work in the spring and little pieces of delicious fruit should be hanging from trees and peering up from your garden beds.

This is my favourite part of gardening, eating the produce! Each year I try and stop myself from munching away at all my berries and make myself, friends and family pots of home-made jam. It tastes so much better than shop bought and I would love more people to give it a go this year.

The ingredients of jam are really quite simple, fruit and sugar… and that is it! Of course, the more experimental you are with flavours, the more ingredients you will need. There are some brilliant jam recipes that can be found on the BBC website if you need a little inspiration.

 Making Jam

Yesterday I made strawberry jam, so whilst it is on my mind I will take you through how I made it so you can have a go yourself.

Firstly, make sure you have sterilised your jam jars, this is very important as it removes any bacteria and protects the delicious jam inside.

Next move on to the strawberries, I used a standard jam recipe from Mary Berry and cut up 1kg of strawberries, I add a squeeze of lemon juice and put on a low heat.

homemade strawberry jam in pot

The scent of strawberries will be wafting around your kitchen now, as the fruit starts to soften add in 1kg of sugar. Stir on the low heat until it has dissolved into jam heaven, then keep the mixture boiling for a few more minutes until it has reached jam setting point.

Set aside, spoon into the jars, seal, label and give away… or just dollop a load on a scone!

Good luck, I would love to hear how you have done on my Purely Shutters Facebook Page


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