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12 years ago I broke the bank, buying a fabulous chocolate brown, L shaped leather sofa. I had a young family of the sticky fingered variety, plus a stunning retriever who seems to be magnetically attracted to mud. Leather was definitely the solution, and brown leather in particular would hide any manner of sins.

In its day, it was considered to be very chic. It was always incredibly comfortable (I have nanna-napped on in numerous times) and over time it has dents in all the right places – ugly as it is, I simply love it. Unfortunately, brown furniture is very much out of fashion and my beloved flop spot is in danger of being relegated to the boys’ den, unless a rescue bid can be agreed upon.

Naturally, I could whoop for joy and get myself a new, stylish sofa.  After all, it could not possibly have escaped any normal UK resident’s attention that certain sofa companies seem to have enticing sales on a good deal of the time. Then there are companies like DFS, and Furniture village, for example, who seem to have sales on for 363 days per year and that is assuming that they are actually shut on Christmas day and Easter Sunday, which they may not be!

I must confess that I do wonder about the quality of a sofa which you can buy for £500. How long is it meant to last?  Since the arrival of Ikea to our shores in 1987, our cultural perspective about furniture has changed.  Once we looked at wardrobes and chests of drawers and expected them to last a life time.  Now we look at them and think that “they will do for now” or until the “kids have grown up and stopped destroying stuff.”

To be fair to Ikea, their products are rigorously tested for durability. How they manage to make chip board covered in foam and fabric so durable is a mystery. True quality has gone out of the window in this disposable society.

However, for those who did buy a quality piece of furniture, as I did, which now looks dated, please do consider having it recovered rather than sending it to the tip.

For once I am not on my usual environmental bandwagon (although I could easily slip into that) it is more about the satisfaction of breathing new life into something that you love. Upcycling it if you will.

Although there is often very little you can do about the basic shape of the sofa or chair that you have loved for years, covering it in stunning, fresh fabrics and adding a little bit of extra padding can make something look and feel like new.

cream sofa

Of course, I would always recommend buying the best quality products that you can reasonably afford.

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