What Your Interior Design Says About You

We often don’t realize it, but our interior design choices can say a lot about our personalities and lifestyle. A carefully thought-out space can reveal a lot about you – from the type of furniture you choose to the colour of the walls, these elements come together to create an aesthetic space that reflects our passions and interests. Whether they’re seasonal such as spring interior design trends, or you stick to the same thing all year round, here’s what your interior design says about you.

Rustic farmhouse style 

The style of rustic farmhouse embodies simplicity, comfort, and a laid-back attitude. It reflects your appreciation for the less complex things in life and a desire for a warm and cosy atmosphere. You likely prefer natural beauty and prefer to surround yourself with things that evoke natural charm. 
A rustic farmhouse interior is cosy, comfortable, and inviting. It encourages relaxation, tranquillity and offers a sense of homeliness and security. As you gaze upon the light, airy spaces, and natural elements, it’s easy to relax and take in the charming ambience. 

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Contemporary modern style 

Those who choose to embrace the contemporary modern style in their home are said to be open-minded, positive, and ambitious. The style is characterized by sleek lines, minimalistic decor, and a focus on comfort and functionality. It exudes a sense of sophistication and class, while also demonstrating a desire for simplicity and order. Contemporary modern homes often contain furniture, fixtures, and accessories that reflect a commitment to modernity. You’re likely to see clean lines, structured pieces, and a limited colour palette. 
These homes are not only stylish, but they are also incredibly efficient. Life in a modern, contemporary home can be incredibly organized and tidy, with clean lines and efficient appliances, storage, and organizational solutions. 

Open floor plans 

An open floor plan allows each room to flow seamlessly into the next and gives you flexibility when it comes to decorating and arranging furniture. It also gives you more freedom to express yourself by creating a unique look that reflects your own personal style. In many ways, an open floor plan can be a metaphor for your personality. The ample space allows you to be creative and free-spirited, while also giving you the opportunity to be practical and organized. An open floor plan also reflects your desire for open communication and the ability to bring people together in a meaningful way.  

If you enjoy the freedom that comes with an open floor plan, chances are you are also an outgoing person. You likely have a good sense of humour, enjoy making friends, and appreciate the importance of meaningful conversations. You also might be someone who values their space, appreciates a wide variety of people, and enjoys being in the company of others. 

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Art décor style  

When you choose art deco furniture, accessories, and decor, you are taking a bold step to bring the glamour and opulence of the 1920s and 1930s into your home. The look is eye-catching and luxurious, with elaborate patterns, metallic accents, and geometric shapes that show off your sophisticated style. 
Your love of art deco is also evidence of how much you appreciate the unique details in a space. The art deco era was a time of experimentation, with modern materials and patterns being used to create works of art. You understand that a space isn’t meant to be one-note but rather a place that is full of character and unique elements. 
You are also a risk-taker, as art deco pieces are often a bit outside the norm. You don’t simply choose what’s popular—you are drawn to the avant-garde and unconventional. It’s this kind of adventurous spirit that allows you to stand out from the crowd. 

In summary, our interior design choices can say a lot about our personalities and interests. From furniture, colour scheme to lighting, these elements come together to create a space that is truly reflective of our individual style. So, if you’re thinking of giving your home an update, consider how you want it to reflect your taste and personality. 

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