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Why window shutters can help allergy sufferers

Allergy UK has estimated that a whopping 21 million adults across the UK now suffer from at least one allergy. Furthermore, experts say this is a growing problem and that by 2030, the number of cases will have risen to 30 million.

Market analyst, Mintel found that the most common allergy us Brits struggle with is hay fever, with 26% of adults saying they suffer from it. This is followed by house dust mites (11%), pets (9%) and mould (4%).

While we may not be able to do anything about the pollen, these results suggest that nearly a quarter of us are dealing with allergies which have been caused by our homes. What this does mean is that anyone suffering a reaction to dust, pets or mould can put practices in place to help reduce this.

Window shutters are in fact a fantastic way to help reduce household allergies. Why exactly is this however?


They’re easy to clean

How often do you clean your window dressings? Chances are the answer is never or maybe once a year when you do a thorough spring clean. This is perfectly understandable when you consider how difficult it is to remove curtains and get them specially cleaned and even with blinds, it’s very fiddly to clean in between every slat.

Windows do attract a lot of dust however and it’s important to ensure they’re not harbouring dust as this can lead to a build-up of dust mites. While curtains and blinds can easily provide a great home for these allergens, solid window shutters are much easier to maintain and keep clean.

Because there are no fiddly slats and you don’t have to take them down, you can simply give them a quick wipe-down and any dust will be removed. Because it’s so easy to do, you’re inclined to do it more often which means that you don’t have to worry about dust building up either.

They don’t collect pet hair

Us Brits love our pets but unfortunately for some of us, they can trigger allergies. Even if you change your bedding and hoover regularly, you may still find yourself suffering with a scratchy throat or constant sneezing and this is because pet hair manages to get everywhere.

If you think you have a pet allergy, your curtains could be contributing to your symptoms because there’s probably a lot of hair gathering on them. Because shutters are made from wood, nothing sticks to them and they’re also incredibly easy to wipe down – meaning you don’t have to worry about hidden pet hair in your home.


They allow you to let fresh air in

One of the many benefits of window shutters is that they allow you to air your house without compromising on privacy or security. Letting in some fresh air can help to shift pet hair and dust and you don’t even have to worry that people will be able to see into your home. This is ideal if pedestrians can easily see into your home or if you’re out and you don’t want people to be able to tell that nobody is home.

If you think you me suffering from an allergic reaction the NHS website can help you identify the symptoms. Visit their website for further information: https://www.nhs.uk/Conditions/Allergies/Pages/Symptoms.aspx

If you already have a known allergy you can find further information and advice by visiting the Allergy UK website (https://www.allergyuk.org/).

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