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Wonderful Wellies – the Spring Fashion Statement!

line of wellies

There is something very British about the humble Wellington Boot. From dancing in fields at the Glastonbury festival to pulling up weeds in your own garden – wellies are a wonderful, yet slightly surprising fashion accessory.

Once upon a time, a humble pair of black Dunlop Wellies, as worn by the local farmer, were considered the norm unless you were part of the High Society horsey set, now people have become as brand conscious about rubber boots as they have about trainers. Trainers – Teenagers will spend over £100 on a pair and never do a minute’s worth of actual sport in them; at least with Wellies, they will get muddy.


You can always count on Hunter to come up trumps. They are unbelievably comfortable and durable, Hunter have become “the Brand” to own if you are a fan of equine pursuits. With styles and colours to suit all tastes, they even have removable insoles, so that you can adapt to the seasons.

Average price for a lady’s Size 7 = £100 hunter-boot.com  (wonderful children’s range from £38)


I love these. They are just so glamorous, with a 2.5-inch wedge heel for added height and leg length in a wide range of funky colours.  I have visions of Joanna Lumley in a pair, although I imagine she is much more down to earth in real life.

Average price for a lady’s Size 7 = £37


If the Beckhams were to buy a pair of wellies, these would be the ones for them.  This iconic British brand has a range of wellingtons in the traditional Burberry check or a quirky splashed version. Idea for any up-market festival, they are boots to “be seen in” as they are no more comfortable nor any warmer than the other branded boots.

Average price for a lady’s Size 7 = £275 burberry.com


Barbour is famous for their waxed jackets and country attire. A much favoured aristocratic choice of wellington boot, they do not bother with the wild colours, so craved by the “riff-raff”, choosing to stick with the classic styles and colour ranges.  Being Barbour, they are hard-wearing and will see you through years of muddy meanderings.

Average price for a lady’s Size 7 boot = £64.95 barbour.com


As much as I love the Wedge Wellies for their unashamed glamour, for warmth and practicality you can NOT beat the good, old fashioned Dunlops.  These are for people who actually do get muddy a lot. The, Dunlop Blizzard Welly Boots may not be “cool”, but if you want  Wellingtons with warm feet guaranteed up to -15 Degree C then you will not go wrong.  They keep your feet toasty warm at around £26 a pair.  However if you are doing some heavy outdoor work then the Thermo King with the steal toe caps might be a better option, although they come in at £70/pair.


Before Joules Wellingtons hit the shops, wellies were green, navy, black or red. Considered to be the originator of the funky coloured boot, they were once the height of fashion.  Alas now everyone from Tesco to Harrods has followed in their footsteps, so their boots have lost their cutting edge appeal. On the plus side, they are still very fine boots, comfortable and are considerably cheaper than their other fashionable rivals.

pushing in rake

Average price for a lady’s size 7 boot = £35 joules.com

So now, when you open up your window shutters in the morning and see the sun shining after days of rain, you will know which boots are fashionable, which are warm, and which are timeless classics.

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