2024 Interior Design and Colour Trends

The world of interior design is one of constant flux and evolution. With every passing season comes new trends and tastes. As we move firmly into the new year, it’s time to start embracing the interior design trends of 2024. But before we dive into what this year has in store, let’s remind ourselves of what happened in 2023.

Recapping 2023 Trends

white bay window shutters

In 2023, Lavender emerged as a standout colour, especially in the summer. Its versatility and timelessness allow it to pair seamlessly with a variety of hues, adding a soft yet vibrant touch to home decor. Open-plan kitchens also made a significant impact in spring, reflecting a shift towards more communal and functional living spaces. Then, we had the rise of “cottagecore” and “comfortcore”. Both aesthetics brought a sense of rustic charm and cosiness to our homes, focusing on natural materials and a homely feel. These trends highlighted a blend of functionality, comfort, and style in home interiors, making 2023 a year to remember.

2024 Interior Design Colours

In 2024, interior design leaps into a world of dynamic, expressive aesthetics, with a vivid and playful colour palette taking centre stage. This year is about embracing bold, energising hues that give your spaces just that bit of extra zip.

Cyber Lime
This punchy, near-neon green breathes some much-needed energy into home offices. Symbolising nature, freshness, and growth, it marries the natural world with a modern, tech-driven vibe.

Green bay window shutters in a living room with leafy wallpaper and a white sofa.

Elemental Blue
A refined, mid-tone blue that promotes balance and tranquillity. Ideal for bedrooms, it symbolises trust, wisdom, and stability, creating a calming corner for curling up.

This soft, warm brown takes the modern farmhouse aesthetic to new heights. Perfect for kitchens and conservatories, it embodies nature, sustainability, and simple living.

Radiant Red
A lively, sweet hue that injects energy into living rooms. Symbolising love and passion, it bridges the gap between the physical and digital worlds.

Fondant Pink
Once considered the embodiment of femininity, pinks are for everybody now, and we’re here for it (just look at our logo). Playful and classy with purple undertones, fondant pink is perfect for creating serene bedrooms and studies. It represents self-care and compassion, appealing to a new generation’s shift towards gender neutrality.

These colours not only redefine spaces but also reflect the evolving lifestyle and emotional needs of homeowners in 2024.

Furniture for 2024

We can’t talk about 2024 interior design trends without mentioning furniture. This year’s trends are embracing a blend of comfort, style, and nostalgic charm. One of the standout features is the inclusion of ruffles in furniture designs. These frilly accents add a touch of softness and whimsy to upholstery, bringing a playful yet elegant vibe to interiors.

Café style shutters in a bay window behind a sofa.

L-shaped and chaise sofas continue to be popular too, offering both comfort and practicality. These versatile pieces are perfect for maximising seating in living spaces, providing ample room for relaxation and socialising.

The appreciation for vintage and antique furniture also shows no signs of slowing. These pieces not only add character and history to a room but are also a sustainable choice, aligning with the growing trend of eco-conscious living. Their timeless appeal and unique charm make them a sought-after choice for those looking to add a personal touch to their homes.

In 2024, furniture is more than just functional; it’s about creating a space that reflects personal style and comfort, with a nod to the past.

Shutters for 2024

You may not be surprised to learn that our top 2024 interior design trend is plantation shutters. Our shutters aren’t just a window covering; they’re a design statement to seamlessly blend with any décor style. Whether your home embraces a modern, minimalist look or a more traditional, rustic feel, we’ve got shutters to suit every style and complement any room.

What sets Purely Shutters apart is our extensive range of colours and wood finishes. From classic whites to rich, dark woods, our selection ensures that you’ll find your dream shutter to perfectly match your interior design aspirations.

In 2024, elevate your space with the timeless elegance and versatility of Purely Shutters.

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