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How shutters can showcase your windows

Last year, we revealed that a survey carried out by cleaning specialists https://www.vileda.com/ found that an incredible 95% of people make a beeline for the window when checking out a potential property to buy.

As you may have already suspected, this isn’t because we’re all fascinated by window design. It’s actually because we want to check out the view and the surrounding neighbourhood.

With the vast majority of us being a nosy bunch, what this does mean is that regardless of whether you’re looking to sell or rent your property or you’re simply trying to create that wow factor for your home, windows are important because people are going to notice them. Below we have listed four ways shutters can help to showcase your windows rather than hide them away.


They’re great for unique shapes

If you’re lucky enough to have windows with their own unique style, you should be doing everything you can to highlight them. While arched and bay windows are hidden away once curtains are closed, shutters allow you to work around the shape and style of your windows so you can make the most of them come night or day. Shutter design has come a long way in recent years and regardless of whether your windows are apex, circular, arched, triangular or hexagonal, there is a solution for your needs.

A huge benefit of choosing shutters for bay windows is that you don’t lose any space. If you have curtains for example, they will close over the whole window area, making your room look smaller. Shutters are fitted to your actual windows which allows you to maintain the look and feel of a bigger room.

They can transform the look of your whole house

It’s hard not to be impressed when you pass a property which has window shutters. Stylish, elegant and timeless, these window dressings can spruce up any house and leave visitors in awe from both the inside and the outside. When you want to make the most of the outside views, simply open the shutters or adjust the slats if you would like a bit more privacy.


Shutters can be tailored to you

When you buy curtains or blinds, you just have to hope that you can find a style and design that suits your home and your taste. One of the many redeeming features of shutters is that they can be custom-designed to your home. Everything from their fit to their functionality and appearance is unique to your property so you’re guaranteed to find the perfect match for your windows.

They’re easy to maintain

If you want to keep your windows looking great for as long as possible, regular maintenance is a must. Curtains require a huge amount of effort to take down and get them to the dry cleaners. Trying to clean each individual slat on blinds is a very time-consuming process especially if you have blinds in more than one room!

Window shutters on the other hand are incredibly easy to keep clean because they simply require a quick wipe with a damp cloth – https://www.thirtyhandmadedays.com/how-to-clean-shutters-fall-cleaning-list/

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