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The Wonders of Window Shutters

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Here at Purely Shutters we live and breathe shutters every day so it’s easy for us to take for granted the benefits of shutters and why they are such a great addition to anyone’s home.

With the weather set to turn lovely at the end of this week we thought it would be a good idea to run through some of the many benefits of why having window shutters will not only give your home a wonderful new look but how they are a great practical addition as well.

Summer Sun

Unlike material, shutters will not warp or fade in direct sunlight making shutters a great choice if you have rooms that are always in the summer sun. Another great advantage of fitting shutters to your windows is that they will also protect any contents such as carpets or rugs that could otherwise fade in the sunlight.

Heat Control

Plantation Shutters have louvres which allow you to adjust the amount of light and heat that enters the room. If you would like to keep your room nice and cool you can adjust the louvres accordingly, keeping you in control of the temperature of the room.


Security, especially when we are away from home, is something we are all becoming more aware of. Shutters are a great way to add extra privacy and security to your home as when the shutters and louvres are closed it makes it virtually impossible for anyone on the outside to see inside.

Lighten your room

Window shutters come in a variety of different shapes, styles and colours that can match the décor of your home. Shutters can really enhance the look and feel of a room making the room seem bigger and brighter. If you are planning on giving your room a makeover why not chose some shutters to match your new theme. If you are looking for some inspiration, House Beautiful has some great makeover ideas to help you create some beautiful rooms in your home.

Hard wearing and easy to maintain

And what’s more your spring cleaning days will be kept to a minimum! Shutters are hard wearing and incredibly easy to clean. Just a quick wipe over with a damp cloth or a once over with a duster will soon have them looking spick and span, leaving you time to get out and about to enjoy the lovely weather.

Shutters are so easy to fit and maintain there is no reason why you can spend the rest of your time in the sunshine with your families!

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