The Benefits of Having Shutters Installed in the Summer – Purely Shutters

Summer being upon us means barbecues, long evenings, walks in the park, al fresco dining and of course, the much missed sun. Whilst summer is a great time for most people, the only downside is that with very few houses boasting air conditioning, the only option is to leave windows open which can be a concern for some. Let’s delve into the benefits of shutters in the Summer!

White plantation shuttersDo shutters keep heat out?

While most people know that shutters offer brilliant insulation, another important question is whether shutters keep houses cool. The beauty of louvred plantation shutters is that they have movable slats that can be instantly adjusted to increase airflow to your rooms. So if the blistering summer sun gets too much, you can create shade for your room without completely closing off your windows. By opening the slats, you can welcome a cool breeze in while maintaining shade!

Shutters in the summer are also great for south facing rooms. Having the option to tilt the louvres to control the intensity of the sunlight maintains light while keeping rooms cool. This also prevents wood floors, carpets and furniture from fading by direct sunlight through windows.

Can I leave windows open in the summer with shutters?

With curtains and windows left wide open as the weather heats up, the privacy we are normally used to suddenly disappears, making security a primary concern. A wide open window is a tempting invitation for burglars, especially if your property isn’t very well over-looked or you live in the middle of nowhere. 

One of the many benefits of shutters however is that they can be partially opened – thus offering both ventilation and security on open windows. With magnets attached to the shutters as well to stop them flying open you can be rest assured that they provide a brilliant and secure option during the warmer months.

Open windows and pets aren’t always the best combination either. Perhaps you have an indoor cat, a cat you prefer to stay indoors at night, a bird you sometimes let out of its cage or even an over-eager dog. Shutters are a great solution because they enable you to open your windows and let some cool air in without worrying that Felix and Rover are going to take themselves for a walk.

Are shutters good all year round?Shutters for warmer temperature

We’ve established that shutters are wonderful for warmer temperatures, hence so many Mediterranean homes sporting them! But investing in quality shutters won’t just upgrade your home for those fleetingly warm British summers, as they’re the best window treatment for year-long temperature regulation. Wooden shutters are proven to be effective insulators, closing off the gaps between your rooms and your home exterior, reducing opportunities for heat to escape through your windows. So, having shutters in the winter is really beneficial too!

Vary between open and closed slats to easily alter the lighting and privacy of a room, whilst also creating a layered barrier between the room and your window. So as we tiptoe into chillier days, you can create a cosy haven in your home, whilst saving money on your energy bills!

To see all our shutter options available to you and how they can be used in the summer, please feel free to visit our gallery. Or jump right in and get a quick quote!

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