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Protecting your home against break-ins

As the nights get longer and Christmas looms over the horizon, this is the time of year we’re most prone to break-ins. Rather than panic every time you leave the house however, use the checklist below to ensure you’ve protected your home to the best of your ability.  You can also get further details from Police.UK – https://www.police.uk/crime-prevention-advice/burglary/


Install security devices

Did you know that homes with no security measures in place are five times more likely to get burgled compared to those with even just the most simple of security devices? Despite this alarming statistic, 25% of Brits are still leaving it to chance and admit to having no home security at all.

Burglars actively look out for easy opportunities to gain access to your home and if you have nothing securing your property, it’s probably only a matter of time before someone attempts to break in. Try to ensure you’ve employed even the most basic of security measures including:

  • Secure external timber doors with a mortice lock and/or a nightlatch. Both should meet British Standard BS3621.
  • If you have a PVC-u or a composite door, consider upgrading the cylinder to a British Standard, TS007 Kitemarked model.

Secure your windows

While an open window is of course an incredibly easy way for burglars to get into your home, closed windows do still pose a threat.

All windows should be fitted with at least one appropriate key-operated lock. Don’t forget to check on a regular basis that your windows are still locked because you just never know when a member of your household may have opened a window.

Another great way to improve the security of your windows is with window shutters. Solid shutters offer complete privacy which means that nobody will be able to see into your house. Not only does this mean that potential burglars can’t size up your valuables, it also ensures they have no way of determining whether or not you’re home.

Shutters also act as a fantastic security measure. Smashing through a pane of glass can be quick and easy which is why windows are such a popular entry point for burglars. Trying to break down a solid piece of wood isn’t easy at all however so anyone thinking of breaking in is highly likely to be put off by the sight of solid window shutters.


Lock away any valuables

The most commonly stolen items in domestic burglaries are electrical devices, jewellery and cash. Try to ensure that none of these items are visible to anyone who can see into your house – whether you’re home or not. If a burglar knows these items are easy to grab, they will come back when you’re not home.

When you go out, keep these items protected in a home safe that is securely bolted to the floor. That way even if you do get broken into, your most prized possessions can’t get stolen.

Protect the outside of your house

We often forget about the outside of our properties but by failing to secure the perimeter around your house, you’re still making yourself vulnerable to break-ins. Secure gates with a heavy-duty, waterproof padlock and make sure fences are in good repair. It’s also well worth keeping your hedges trimmed because if your neighbours can’t see your property, this gives burglars a lot more time to try and get into your home.

By employing the simple tactics mentioned above, you not only reduce the chances of your home getting broken into, if your security measures meet British Standards you can also reduce your home insurance premiums by up to 5%.  For more advice about home insurance visit: https://www.theaa.com/home-insurance/advice/how-to-reduce-home-insurance-premiums

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