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Window Shutters for French and Patio Doors

French and patio doors have become more common in homes over recent times. As well as being aesthetically pleasing they have lots of other benefits. They bring the outdoors inside, helping you to feel more connected to the outside; they can create big open spaces for parties and gatherings; they are great for security; and…

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How to maintain your window shutters

Whether you have recently had window shutters installed or have had them for several years, cleaning and maintaining your shutters is essential to keep them looking wonderful. Shutters will bring many benefits to your home such as curb appeal and privacy, as well as sound and thermal insulation but one of the best lifestyle benefits…

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Bay Windows Shutters

With panoramic views allowing plenty of light to enter a room and protruding panels giving the illusion of a larger home, bay windows are highly desirable. If you’re lucky enough to have such an elegant style of window in your home, chances are that you’re going to want to dress them in a way which…

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How to dress window shutters

Suitable for every room in the house (even kitchens and bathrooms), window shutters are timeless, elegant and guaranteed to give your house the wow factor. Windows can be tricky to dress in general however and you may feel this even more if you have already invested in shutters. To help you out, we have listed…

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Natural cleaning products for window shutters

In order to keep your window shutters looking great for as long as possible, regular cleaning is highly recommended. The good news is that regardless of whether you have plantation or window shutters, they’re incredibly easy to maintain and when using natural cleaning products, you don’t have to worry about damaging them. Below are some…

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A quick history of window shutters

Internal shutters for windows have grown at a rapid speed with a wide variety in the past few years. In fact, In fact, they have grown to be so in-demand that The Times has declared them ‘Britain’s window dressing of choice.’ Read more about why plantation shutters for windows are Britain’s window dressing of choice….

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Why Choose Tier on Tier Window Shutters?

When it comes to dressing your windows, it’s hard to compete with shutters. As well as looking incredibly stylish, they’re also versatile, easy to maintain, can increase the value of your house and improve heat insulation and security. You may already be convinced that shutters are for you. There are various different shapes and styles…

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UK-made shutters

Our Faux Wood shutters are made right here in the UK. They’re delivered in weeks, not months.

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Shutters are an investment so we ensure the highest standards of craftsmanship and include a 10 year guarantee.

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