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A Guide to Shutter Installation

If this isn’t your first Purely Shutters blog, you’ve definitely heard us talk before about the benefits of shutters before. With their insulation properties, light and privacy control, durability, and versatility, they’re a terrific addition to any home, modern or traditional. Once you’ve made the decision to buy your very own shutters, it’s then time…

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Top Indoor Plants for Beginners

Nothing brings a room to life quite like a plant or two. Not only do they add a fertile and earthy quality, but they can also improve air quality, leaving a room smelling fresher. Plus, a few carefully placed plants can completely change the appearance and atmosphere of any space. This is especially true when…

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Cheap Shutters

For anybody making a purchase in 2023, the cost of living is always the key driver. The ongoing financial crisis, affected by the war in Ukraine and the resultant energy shortage, is driving the price of everything northwards, and it’s touching every part of our lives. Any purchase, big or small, should be carefully weighed…

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Arched Shutters

So, you’ve got an arched window, but you’re not sure how to dress it. Do you go for curtains or blinds and accept that it will look a little…off? Or do you opt for made-to-measure arched shutters that are built to the exact specifications of your shaped window? We’re pretty sure you can guess which…

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Affordable Shutters

If you’re looking for cost-effective window shutters, there are plenty of options available at Purely Shutters. All of our made to measure shutters – which are currently available at 25% off – bring a wealth of long-term benefits, meaning the upfront cost and initial investment will pay off down the line.  What are the cost…

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Saving Energy with Shutters

With energy bills on the rise, we’re all looking for ways to ease the hefty cost of those pesky monthly payments. While it won’t be a surprise to hear that insulating the home helps to soften the blow of these periodic expenses, just what steps exactly can be taken to help make your home more…

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UK-made shutters

Our Faux Wood shutters are made right here in the UK. They’re delivered in weeks, not months.

Since 2007

Helping our customers achieve Purely wonderful shutter designs since 2007.

Purely Quality

Shutters are an investment so we ensure the highest standards of craftsmanship and include a 10 year guarantee.

Local to you

Friendly surveyors that are local to you.

Expertly Fitted

Experienced and courteous carpenters that achieve the perfect finished install.