Fewer things can be more disruptive to the daily routine than excessive noise, as we have all experienced tenfold in recent years! Spending more time at home has emphasised how distracting noisy neighbours and busy roads can be to our sleep, work, and enjoying time with family and friends. So what’s the best solution to make your home more soundproof to the bustling streets outside? 

Café style shutters in a bay window behind a sofa.

Window dressings can have a big impact on minimising the clamour of the outside, creating a more peaceful atmosphere within the home. An essential to the wellbeing and comfort of us all, being able to have a tranquil escape from the outdoors and create an intimate, secure environment provides us with that vital sense of home. Achieving a quiet ambience shouldn’t require turning your home into a recording studio, so what’s the most effective method? A popular question we’re asked is ‘do shutters block out noise?’, and in simple terms, yes! 

Stick around to find out how much shutters reduce noise and whether they’re worth investing in.

Effects of noise pollution

In reality, excessive noise isn’t just vexing, but consistent noise pollution can actually impact our quality of life. The World Health Organisation warns that we can be afflicted with  disturbed sleep, heart disease, and incur negative psychological effects when exposed to loud noise routinely. Worsening our health and performance at work or school, unwanted sound can have a real detriment on our lives. 

Living in noisy areas is unavoidable for many of us, with busy road noise, loud music, and rowing neighbours being an inevitability. But nobody is powerless to curtail this rowdy inconvenience! Thankfully, shutters add another layer of insulation to windows that has a range of benefits other than just preventing heat loss

Can shutters reduce noise?

Our made to measure shutters offer frames that are installed into windows, creating a blanket of noise absorption for your interiors. But can you get noise-cancelling shutters? No, we can’t promise complete noise cancellation, however the quality of Purely Shutters products means that sound travels less and drastically reduces outside noise. 

From bedrooms to the study, installing shutters into your rooms facilitates more restful sleep and a more productive atmosphere. With working from home being the way of the future, creating an appropriate workspace is an absolute must! 

Do wooden shutters block road noise?

While wooden shutters are the best material shutters for reducing noise, that’s not to say that our waterproof shutters aren’t still effective for those rooms that require them. While you’ll find the most capable noise-reducing material to be our quality wood shutters, this isn’t practical for rooms exposed to high moisture levels, such as kitchens and bathrooms. The good news is that plastic shutters still impede outside noise from entering your home, making all of our shutter materials useful for noise reduction.

Bedroom shutters on a patio door in a rustic styled bedroom.

What shutters are best for noise reduction?

Shutters that cover the whole of your window will ensure that noise coming from outside of your home is lessened, however there are certain styles that will prove more effective! Needless to say, cafe style shutters won;t be as effective if you’re specifically designing with noise control in mind. 

Louvred shutters minimise noise, with the slats able to close to create a barrier for your windows. If louvre shutters are your preferred style, full height shutters and tier on tier shutters would be your best bet. Chic and functional, these gorgeous styles can ease your home into becoming a more cosy space.

For game-changing noise reduction, solid panel shutters are the prime option. These sturdy panels are optimal for limiting outside noise from penetrating your home, working both ways to keep noise within the home from spilling out into the streets. Solid wood shutters are undoubtedly the hardest workers when it comes to fighting noise pollution within the home, so this is the ideal style for houses or rooms with a particularly high influx of unwanted sound. 

To learn more about the incredible benefits of adding shutters to your windows, go ahead and call us on 0800 038 5311, or book a free home survey to arrange a visit with our skilled surveyors. 

It’s that wonderful time of year where leaves are falling, bonfires are burning, and Halloween and Bonfire Night are just around the corner. After the year we’ve all had many of us are embracing the things that we have missed with more gusto than normal. So, if you’re planning to celebrate Halloween this year why not decorate your garden too?

If you’ve never decorated your garden before here are some great Halloween Garden ideas to get you started.

Pumpkin Display

A traditional carved pumpkin is a great way to decorate your doorstep, but to up the ante this year why not have several and create a pumpkin display? Use different sizes so that you can display them effectively or place them on a shelved platform, so they sit at different heights. You can carve different designs into each one to create a really effective display for your trick or treaters to admire.

Spooky Signs

If you have some old wood why not create a spooky signpost. Use a piece of wood as your post and then nail smaller bits of arrow shaped wood to it. You can paint these bits of wood in black, white or red and label them with such names as Halloween Village, Skeleton City, Bonesville or Sleepy Hollow. You can use dripping blood effects and scary writing to really make the signs creepy.

Graveyard Headstones

Graveyard headstones are a great way of creating a spooky scene in your front garden. You can use different materials for creating these such as cardboard, foam or wood. The funniest part of creating headstones is the details you write on each. So, get creative and have some fun with your names, dates of death and epitaphs.

Spider Webs

There’s nothing creepier than walking into a spider’s web! If you fancy giving this a go you could drape your web over your garden hedges, trees, fences, or walls and even create a massive fake spider to really scare your visitors. You can use net curtains and cut holes out and then drape over the area you’d like to cover or for a more traditional shaped spiders web you can use string. To find out how to weave your web follow these instructions: https://decorhint.com/how-to-make-a-giant-spider-web/

Window Dressings

Of course, your windows are also a great place for you to create a spooky Halloween display and really easy to do if you have plantation shutters. Using black cardboard, cut-out Halloween shapes such as witches on broomsticks, cats, spiders, skeletons, and bats. Once you have your shapes fix a piece of cotton or string to them and then simply hang them from the slats of your shutters. To really showcase your window scene, use an orange light to throw an eerie glow over your display.


Don’t forget to dress up to scare your trick or treaters. From witches to Dracula, from ghosts to zombies, you can dare your trick or treaters to take a treat from your basket! For a really easy costume simply get an old white sheet, cut some eye holes out so you can see and pop it over your head. A very simple but effective way to make sure you too are Halloween ready!

Plantation shutters are timeless, classic, and elegant and are an unrivalled window dressing. But as well as being a beautiful addition to any home, plantation shutters have many other wonderful benefits. From giving a home privacy when and where it’s needed most, to helping to reduce noise pollution around your home, from adding instant kerb appeal to your property, to providing a child safe window dressing option for your rooms, shutters really do offer far more than just what meets the eye.

But there is another wonderful benefit of shutters that is often overlooked and that’s how great they are for home security too, and here’s why.

tracked shutter installation in living room

Shutters for Privacy

One of the huge advantages of plantation shutters is that they offer privacy with lots of flexible options. Unlike curtains which you either have open or closed, shutters due to their hinged panels and moveable louvres give you a whole range of privacy options.

If you live on a street where passers by can easily look into your home, the louvres make it easy for you to stop prying eyes looking in. For instance, for upstairs windows you can angle the louvres down so people looking up will only see the bottom of the slats and for downstairs windows you can angle them up so only the top of the louvre is visible.

Not only can you adjust your shutters to keep people from peeking in, you can also use them to control the amount of daylight that comes into your home to make the most of the sunshine in the winter and to keep your rooms cool in the summer.

Do shutters deter burglars?

bay window shutter installation

Most burglaries that take place are opportune thefts. Along with burglar alarms, CCTV and security lights, plantation shutters add another layer of protection for your home that an opportunist burglar will walk away from as your home will be harder to break into. In addition, unlike blinds and curtains, shutters are fixed inside your window recess and are made from a strong, durable hardwood like our Clifton Hardwood Shutter range. In addition, as people can’t see into your home easily through the shutters it’s much more difficult for a burglar to tell if your home is occupied or not.

Conservatory privacy problems

Although conservatories can be a wonderful addition to any home they can leave some people feeling vulnerable and exposed to overlooking neighbours due to their large panes of glass. The beauty of plantation shutters is that because they are made to measure they will fit your conservatory windows perfectly and will instantly make your home feel private and secure without compromising on beauty. There are several different styles of shutter available, and our experienced surveyor will be able to talk you through the options to ensure you choose the type of shutter that not only matches your conservatory but matches your style of living too. From full height to tier-on-tier shutters, we can help you to find a style that meets your lighting and privacy needs.

You can contact us today to find out more or alternatively why not book your free no obligation home survey by giving us a call.

Plantation shutters have been around for many years and were originally created to help keep out the elements. Nowadays, shutters are installed in homes for a variety of reasons be that for their classic, elegant looks, helping to reduce noise pollution or because they are really helpful at keeping dust at bay for allergen sufferers.

This week we are looking at why shutters are a great addition to any home but especially for those looking to control the amount of light that enters their home be that partial, full or near blackout.

patio door shutters installation in bedroom

Café Style

If your house fronts onto a busy path you may be looking at ways to make your home more private without compromising on daylight. In this case café style shutters could be a great option. This type of shutter is made to measure and only covers the bottom half of your window, allowing natural daylight to enter your room through the top section of your window.

Full height

For windows where you would like to keep your shutters closed for the majority of the time, full height shutters are a great choice. The louvres can still be tilted to allow as much or as little daylight into your room as you would like. Even though they cover your entire window they still give you a great amount of light control by simply adjusting the louvres in the panels. They can also be fitted with a divider allowing you to operate the top and bottom louvres independently of each other.


Tier-on-tier shutters combine the benefits of both full height shutters and café style shutters. They are the perfect solution for those windows where you may want to operate the top and bottom shutters completely independently of each other. Tier-on-tier shutters are made in two sections, so they give you the absolute optimal control over light in your room. The top panels can be fully open whilst the bottom panels remain closed. In addition, the louvres in each panel all work separately allowing them to be tilted at different angles, as well as having them fully open or fully shut.

Solid Shutters

For the closest thing to blackout shutters, solid shutters are perfect. Solid shutters lend themselves particularly well to bedrooms as not only do they provide near black out, but they also help with noise pollution, help with heat insulation and offer increased security. They are the perfect solution for rooms you would like to keep dark and quiet.

If you are unsure of where to start with your shutter style choice, our local surveyor is on hand to help guide you through our range of hardwood shutters, our style of shutters and also explain the different features you can select to ensure you opt for the shutter that not only complements your home but also complements your style of living.

If you are considering installing window shutters in your home, you’ll want to be certain that the type of wood you choose perfectly matches your home, your style of living and your budget. Here at Purely Shutters we offer a range of shutter materials and styles to ensure we can match your needs, regardless of which room you would like your shutters installed in and how you would like to use your shutters.

Our three different ranges of shutters are Clifton Hardwood Shutters, Lansdown Basswood Shutters and Salcombe Waterproof Shutters. All three types lend themselves to certain rooms and window types which is why we are confident that no matter where you would like to install wooden shutters in your home, we will have the perfect shutter type to match your needs.

White Bay Window Shutters

Clifton Hardwood Shutters

New to our range, the Clifton Hardwood Shutter is made from Paulowina wood. Paulowina wood is one of the fastest growing trees in the world and can be harvested every 7-10 years. It is a lightweight wood but has an incredible strength to weight ratio which is why it is an ideal wood for window shutters. It is light coloured, warp resistant and has a beautiful fine-grain texture. It is the ideal material to choose if you are considering full height shutters, café style shutters, tier on tier shutters, tracked shutters and solid shutters.

Lansdown Basswood Shutters

Our Lansdown Shutter range is made from basswood, a strong, versatile wood that does not warp. It has a straight fine grain with an even texture which offers a perfect finish. Our Lansdown Shutters are an elegant and lightweight choice for your window shutters. They are the ideal choice for full height shutters, café style shutters, tier on tier shutters, tracked and angled shutters. You can also choose different size slats, hinge colours and tilt rods.

Waterproof Bathroom Window Shutters

Salcombe Waterproof Shutters

For those rooms that are humid or where water could come into direct contact with your shutter, our Salcombe Waterproof range is the perfect solution. They are suitable for wet rooms, kitchens, bathrooms, and even for windows where condensation maybe an issue. Even though they are incredibly practical, there is no compromise on style or elegance.  They are made using an ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) plastic resin with a co-polymer coating, to ensure they are fully waterproof. They are available in full height, café style, tier on tier, tracked and angled shutters. All of our shutters come in a range of colours and can be colour matched to a colour of your choice. You can find out more about our range of shutters and how they can add a timeless elegance to your home.

See more of our stunning shutters, or if you know what you want then you can get a quick quote, here!

There are many benefits to keeping indoor plants. From improving the air quality in your home to reducing your levels of stress and anxiety, it’s no wonder that many people are turning their attention to this ever more popular trend.

In our last blog ‘The best indoor plants trending in 2021’, we focused on the house plants that were hitting the headlines for 2021, so this time we thought we would write about indoor plants that are ideal for beginner’s who are just starting out.

bay window shutters installation in living room

The first thing you need to remember is that many indoor plants generally don’t need to much care and attention. But that doesn’t mean you should dive right in and buy some of the more temperamental species. It’s best to start with some of the easier plants so that you can become acquainted with indoor gardening and the many benefits it has to offer. Once your knowledge grows you can then turn to those plants which may need that little bit more attention to ensure they flourish under your care.

As mentioned in our last blog your home environment is key to any successful indoor growing and understanding the microclimates around your home will help you choose the right places for your plants to grow. For instance, which rooms get the most light, which spaces get direct sunlight, where are the radiators or heat sources in your rooms, which rooms are humid and finally which rooms are draughty. Understanding your home environment is one of the key elements to successful indoor growing.

To start you off, here are 3 lovely, easy to grow indoor plants you may wish to consider.

Parlour Palm

This lovely indoor plant is a slow grower and can reach a height of about 70-80cm. It is a lovely, elegant plant, ideal for placing in a room that has plantation shutters for a wonderful classic look! It is wonderfully easy to care for as it will tolerate low light and infrequent watering. It will however flourish the more you care for it and will grow quicker if you feed it once a month.


For a really unfussy plant that will tolerate virtually any light conditions this plant is a must if you’re completely new to house plants. It will also tolerate infrequent watering, but you should water it if you notice that the top two inches of soil are dry. If the tips of the leaves turn brown then misting the plant will help. It can grow quite big, up to a height of 110-120 cm so make sure you plan a space for it to grow in to.

Rubber Plant

The Rubber Plant is another easy to care for plant but this one does prefer a light room but note not direct sunlight. Be aware though that the leaves are toxic if ingested so keep the plant out of reach of children and pets. Water when the top two inches of soil are dry, and as the big thick leaves can absorb a lot of moisture spray them with a mister to keep the plant healthy.

Pair your beautiful plants with some quality wooden shutters! Book a free home survey to find out more.

Keeping indoor plants had been gaining in popularity before the pandemic hit the globe in 2020, but as people were forced to stay at home, many without gardens, keeping and caring for houseplants became even more popular, and its’ easy to see why.

Alongside the caring and nurturing aspect of tending to houseplants there is also a growing recognition of the many benefits house plants offer. Research has shown that having houseplants to look after can improve your mental and physical health, increase productivity, and reduce stress and anxiety levels. Plus of course, indoor plants are known to improve the air quality in your home. When put like that, it’s little wonder that so many people have started to keep houseplants.

If you’re new to keeping indoor plants there are some things you should be aware of before heading to your local garden centre. Ideally if you’re a beginner, choose some low maintenance species that are easy to care for and will give you confidence before tackling some of the more temperamental species. Our next blog will look at some of the top indoor plants ideal for beginners.

bay window shutter with seat and plant

You should also be aware of the temperature in your home throughout the winter and summer months as some indoor species are not hardy enough to cope with dramatic falls in temperature. Draughts are another factor to consider when placing your plants in your home, as well as direct sunlight, and remember sunlight angles change throughout the year. If you have window shutters they are great for controlling the amount of sunlight entering your room as you can simply adjust the louvres.

If you’re interested in adding to your collection or just starting here are 5 indoor plants that are popular in 2021.

Fishbone Cactus

This cactus, also known as the ‘zigzag cactus’, is native to Mexico. It is an easy plant to care for as it doesn’t need a huge amount of watering and only needs light watering in autumn and winter. This cactus enjoys light but not direct sunlight. So place in a bright room away from a window.

The Boston Fern

The Boston fern is the perfect plant to keep in a bathroom as it thrives in humid environments. This fern doesn’t need direct sunlight as it is used to living in partial shade. Make sure you keep the soil moist and drain any excess water off.

Aloe Vera

The Aloe Vera plant was noted as one of the most popular indoor plants in 2020. This plant really doesn’t like the cold so make sure you choose a warm room without draughts. Choose a room with bright light but do not position the plant in direct sunlight. Due to the leaves on the plant holding water you won’t need to water the plant frequently only when the soil is dry.


Also known as the cheese plant, this plant likes a moist atmosphere so misting the leaves every few days will help. Again, not a plant that likes too much shade but does enjoy bright rooms. Do not over water the plant, just water when the top two inches of soil have gone dry.

Velvet Calathea

Sometimes called the prayer plant, this plant again likes moist air. It can go grow big though so if you don’t have room in your bathroom simply mist the plant every couple of days. Position the plant in a moderately shaded spot that has partial sunlight but not directly in the sun.

For more indoor plant advice head over to the RHS website: https://www.rhs.org.uk/

Shutters have many benefits and one of their greatest is that they are extremely versatile. No matter if you have a bay window, large patio doors, sash windows, or even small special shaped window, plantation shutters are a flexible solution that are not only stylish, but wonderfully practical too for any type of window.

Deciding to install window shutters in your home is very exciting but it can also be quite daunting if you’re unsure where to start. With so many styles, ranges and features to choose from, it can quickly become overwhelming.

Here at Purely Shutters we have a team of experienced surveyors who will lead you through the whole process to ensure your shutters not only look great but also deliver all the practical solutions you need from your plantation shutters.

There are many different factors to consider when choosing the perfect shutter design for your home and to help here’s a brief overview of each of the styles we offer.

wooden shutters

Full height

Full height shutters are a very popular choice of window shutter. They cover the entire height of your window and are ideal if you would like to keep your shutters mainly closed. You can keep the panels closed for maximum privacy and light control or adjust the louvres to allow light into your room without compromising on privacy. We would recommend full height shutters for bay windows and patio windows.

Café Style

If you live on a busy road or have a window that people often walk by, you may want to opt for traditional café style shutters. Café style shutters cover just the bottom half of your window allowing light at the top but give full privacy in the lower section to keep prying eyes out. Best for rooms that require less coverage from the outside, café style shutters would be great for living rooms, kitchens, and dining room windows.


Tier-on-tier shutters are full height window shutters made up of two independent shutter panels. As the panels operate independently from each other you can open the top section to allow light into your room but keep the bottom section closed for privacy. Elegant and classy, tier-on-tier shutters work wonderfully well in bay windows and classic Victorian sash style windows.

bay window shutter installation in dining room

Bay Window

No matter what shape your bay window may be, plantation shutters are a timeless, classic, unrivalled window dressing. Bay window shutters can be designed in a variety of different shutter styles including café style and full height, giving you the flexibility of choosing those features that are important to your lifestyle and your home.

Patio Doors

Large patio doors are becoming an ever more popular addition to our homes, helping to seamlessly integrate the outdoors with the indoors. Large expanses of glass however can pose problems for traditional window coverings. Window shutters however, due to their versatile nature, offer the perfect window dressing solution. As your shutters are made to measure you can be assured that they will fit your window perfectly and can be designed with features that are important to you.


If you have a large opening, tracked window shutters offer the best solution especially if you would like to open and close your shutters on a daily basis. Ideal for large patio doors or even as room dividers they are an elegant solution which can be fitted with or without a bottom track for increased stability.


Solid shutters are probably the most traditional type of window shutters. Offering near black out they are ideal for bedrooms and are also great for heat insulation, noise reduction and increased security.

Special Shapes

Arches, apex, circular or triangular, your special shaped windows lend themselves to a shutter solution. There is no other window covering that will really highlight your windows natural beauty.

Why not browse our gallery to see some of our inspirational shutter designs? Or get started on your shutters journey with a free home survey.

Although the pandemic in 2020 had many negative knock-on effects to our lives, for those households that didn’t suffer financially through loss of earnings, a positive outcome has been a saving on household bills, increasing many family’s disposable income. Daily expenses such as petrol, parking and train tickets all reduced dramatically, even the amount spent on clothes reduced as we had nowhere to go.

The sudden shift to working from home literally happened overnight and companies had to put technology in place to ensure their staff could work efficiently and effectively from home. As a result, employees are recognising a new work life balance and are looking to their employers for flexible working solutions post-pandemic rather than going back to the old way of working. A recent survey carried out by Rated People, stated that 43% of UK residents surveyed, now plan to work more from home. You can read the full report here – https://www.ratedpeople.com/blog/home-improvement-trends-report

This report has also shown that 57% of UK residents want to become more eco-friendly be that by making changes to their home to make them more energy efficient or eco-friendly, by eating less meat or by recycling more.

If you’re thinking about making some eco-friendly changes to your home, we’ve listed below a couple of easy, quick win solutions, as well as a longer term, money saving scheme.

Conserving water

Water wastage is an eco-friendly area often overlooked. Leaking taps, taking long showers, boiling a full kettle instead of what you need, waste water and energy. Finding ways to reduce your households water consumption will not only make your home eco-friendlier but could also save you money, especially if you are on a water metre. Simple easy changes like changing your shower head to low flow, turning the tap off when shaving or brushing your teeth, fixing leaking taps, and only using a washing machine or dish washer when it is full, will help your quest to become more eco-friendly.

If you’re thinking about renovating your bathroom look at water saving choices such as dual flush toilets, a shower with an eco mode, taps that have eco aerators and consider installing a smaller basin.


shutters installation in dining room

Shutters are a great addition to any home and even more so if you are looking at ways to make your home more energy efficient. Plantation shutters create a natural protective insulation barrier between your windows and your home that works both in the winter and the summer months.

During the summer, you can tilt the louvres to direct any unwanted sunlight away or even fully close the louvres to keep the heat out, keeping your rooms nice and cool. During the winter wooden window shutters are a natural insulator and add an additional layer of protection to your windows to keep the heat in your home. We have a range of shutter styles including full height, tier-on-tier and patio doors all of which are perfect for helping to insulate your home.

Solar panels

In January 2020, the government introduced a new scheme called Smart Export Guarantee (SEG) for households that install solar panels. The scheme pays households for any electricity generated that is not used by themselves and is then put back into the national grid. Although the initial outlay may be expensive you can get your money back over 15 years, a long term, but very worthwhile investment. To find out more visit the government website: https://www.gov.uk/guidance/apply-for-the-green-homes-grant-scheme

Every industry across the world has been affected by the pandemic. From businesses having to shut their doors to conform with lockdown restrictions, to office workers having to work from home where possible, the pandemic has without doubt left its mark on the world.

When lockdown 1.0 hit the UK in March 2020, businesses had to adapt virtually overnight which left many of us working from home in spaces that were not ideal to work in. But as the months went by and working from home became the new normal, families adapted their properties to maximise space for not only working from home but to also give designated areas for different activities as we spent more time at home.

A year later, interior design is reflecting the reality that the pandemic has changed our world and how we live our lives, and for many of us the changes are set to stay.

New materials

As we all became cautious about spreading the virus many of us cleaned our homes more frequently to try and minimise the risk of catching the virus. Interior designers are now incorporating materials that are naturally more sterile than others into their designs. Antimicrobial metals such as copper, brass and bronze are great choices for those places that are touched frequently like door handles and kitchen doorknobs. Woods that stop bacteria from growing like bamboo, oak and cork will continue to influence designs especially as they add natural warmth to a home.

Designating space

Our homes have become our hubs for everything. Work, rest and play we have had no choice but to conduct all our activities from within our homes, and future designs will reflect this shift of behaviour. For instance, living rooms are now providing space for a working mum to have a work call in a separate seating area to children who may be plugged into an iPad doing schoolwork.

Open plan living has become more popular but in today’s world a versatile space is even more in demand. Having the ability to create temporary smaller spaces within larger living areas is on the increase, which is where tracked plantation shutters are coming into their own.

Installing shutters as room dividers means you can easily draw them to create smaller secluded spaces for maybe an office, an exercise area or even a quiet zone for reading, fold them back and once again you have an open plan living space for all the family to enjoy. They are not only a practical solution (as you don’t have to get builders in or seek planning permission) but they are a stunningly beautiful one too! If you want to find out more contact us today.

patio door shutters

Health & well-being

Our health and well-being are of enormous importance especially when we are living in such uncertain times. Creating an environment that is good for our health helps our state of mind as well as our physical health, and nature will play a part in future designs as we reconnect back with the environment.

Designers will plan for larger windows and patio doors to provide more natural light in our homes, and design colours will switch to warm, earthy shades that connect us back to nature.

To upgrade your home to a modern rustic dreamscape, why not invest in some stunning plantation shutters?

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